I was born on May 16th, 1976. I have spent my childhood and youth, in Armyansk, in the Crimean analog of Chelyabinsk. The place is sympathetic to me although it is dust-laden and provincial. This is the city where people know the value of words and human decency. I graduated the local school №1 and the Crimean Hydro Amelioration and Agriculture Mechanization Technical College in Sovetskiy village. 
In 1994 was called up for military service. I took the oath and served at the Military Unit 26156 in Makarov-1, in Zhytomyr region for two years. I returned to my hometown Armyansk and learned the traditional occupations for the city — I worked as a machinist at a service station and as a welding operator at a chemical plant. Even though I was a real dream of my mother while wearing a welding suit and she believed me to become a first-class master of electrical current and electrode, I aspired to human sciences and to management activities.
As many of Armyansk dwellers did, I tried to find the best life in Moscow. In one year, I graduated the business school «Vega». Moving ahead of the life in the native city I have taken part in macro and micro business processes. I returned to the Crimea with my knowledge and took up the position of a deputy director at manufacturing firm «Zaliv». I have married a girl from my childhood and she gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia, in 1998. In this period of life I launched my first enterprise – Khimreserv, engaged in export of chemical products. After a few years, it grew into the Crimean Research and Production Company «Zavod Sivash».
I became the General Director and two friends of mine shared the co-incorporator authority with me, I am missing them – Sergey and Volodya. In 2003, the «Sivash» plant took over the management of the stagnating JSC «Brom». Recalling that period, I realize that only the young and reckless such as we were could start that project. We managed not only to start up the factory but also to establish export in China, India, and Spain. Some later the «Sivash» enterprise together with Dnipropetrovsk investment corporation “Olviya” bought the majority interest of «Brom».
I was assigned the Chairman of the Board during the general meeting. This was an interesting and productive period of life in all the meanings. Back then, I declared the income of a few million hryvnias. It was quite a good result for the North Crimea — a dream of any teenager!
I got acquainted with Sergey Kunitsyn, the then Prime Minister of the Crimea. My political and social work has started then. I decided to join the National-Democracy Party of Ukraine and chaired the city branch in Krasnoperekopsk. The NDP supported V. Yanukovich as a presidential candidate during the 2004 elections in Ukraine. The political repressions followed the forfeited presidential votes for many activists. The first information about me began to appear on the internet in this period. The publicity was the only protection from 9 criminal cases. These cases were aimed at me personally and the enterprise I chaired. Understanding that my name itself exposed «Brom» to a risk, which only by that time reached its full capacity, I resigned. In a year, without any help of professional lawyers, I tore every criminal case to pieces, the others were closed by court decisions. In such a way, I have received my first legal experience. Soon my experience as parliamentarian followed. I participated in the elections from NDP in 2006-2007, and it entered the Crimean Parliament as the brand «Kunitsyn’s coalition».
I was an MP of the Crimean Verkhovna Rada of the 5-th convocation. Soon after the election, I got a proposition to work in the team of Volodymyr Kulish, the Governor of Bukovyna. I took the second oath in my life – of an official – and since then I became a staff adviser of the region’s head.  After this I chaired the organization department of the Regional State Administration (RSA), worked as the Deputy Head of the administrative office. I chaired the Regional Development Management of Architecture and Infrastructure of the Chernivtsi RSA. I always recall these times with great tremor. For me, an originally Crimean, the Carpathian Ukraine has become a real discovery. The land of Cheremosh and Dniester Rivers will remain forever in my heart! My second marriage in Chernivtsi was also life-changing. My wife Tatyana has changed my whole life and I was looking for her all my life. I anchored, gained more wisdom and now I am a happy father of 4 children. In spite of my great love to Bukovyna and perfect comfort there, I did not stop my searching for a possibility to come back home. I got this chance during a business trip to the region of Aleksandr Melnichenko, the Head of the Antitrust Committee of Ukraine.  
He suggested that I lead the Territorial Committee of the Antitrust Committee in Sevastopol. The philosophy of Antitrust legislation and the development of economic competition have become the important lesson and huge experience for me. For a year the office had become famous for millions-worth penalty charges issued to firms owned by very famous politicians, price of fuel products which was scaled down from the highest to the lowest Ukraine, public investigations of affairs of previously untouchable monopolist firms. The Parliament of the Crimea elected me to the Government of the Autonomous Republic, where I headed the Republic Committee for Hydroeconomic Construction and Irrigation Farming, in 2010. So I got acquainted with Vasyliy Dzharty. He is a professional with a big «P», remarkably forceful and fair, he has become the most important person in my life. I really wanted to learn a lot from him. He was the first Prime-Minister, who set out the development of sanatorium resort complex as the priority for the Crimea. By the way, this sector used not to be enlisted among the five strategic priorities. When he recommended my candidacy for the position of the Minister of Health Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, it was a great surprise for me. «You will make it. I believe in you», — he told me.
The Ministry, in fact, looked more like a non-governmental organization. It had no power or authority, no subordinate entities, or the ability to influence the processes, except for public dialogue with business. In my dreams I saw my native peninsula as a year-round sanatorium and province of all mankind. Crimean tourist representative offices were opened one by one in London, Berlin, Riga.  We were increased the number of tourists from the EU, opened access of local to the Crimean beaches free of charge, we declared the war to persons limiting this access.  I dreamed of turning the Crimea, which used to be «a communistic Tagil» (a notorious Russian city – ed.) into a civilized European resort and had been implementing this vision for more than 3 years.
After the infamous events of 2014, the Government of the Crimea was dismissed, I was offered to stay. Hardly realizing what was happening, I handed over the mandate and resigned the position of the Minister. In March, I held my last press-conference, and in the beginning of April, the MPs of the so-called Parliament of the Crimea declared me persona of non-grata. I moved to Kyiv with my family. Zurab Alasania, a friend of mine proposed me to build the public television. I have become the first deputy of the general director of «The First National» TV Channel. I am so thankful to my fate for the possibility to implement interesting projects arm in arm with such interesting people. Since the beginning of 2015 year, I have been working at the position of the Councilor to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. I am working on the administrative issues and coordinate the Ministry’s activities in relation to the enterprises and assets seized in the Crimea.